The Active Learning Trust and Panathlon, a national charity, that gives young people with disabilities and special educational needs the opportunity to take part in inclusive competitive sport, were proud to stage ALT’s first ‘National Panathlon Finals’ this week.

This inclusive sports event took place at the University of East Anglia Sports Park and was designed for students who have additional needs or who face challenging circumstances.  The event started with a special opening ceremony where each school paraded a banner before the games began and respectfully joined in with the National Anthem.

This event consisted of traditional Panthalon Challenge activities including skittles and throwing at targets; these were led by the Junior Sports Leaders from Red Oak Primary School, who are experienced Panathlon-trained leaders.

Johnny Lee, ALT Associate Leader of Physical Education said: ‘It was lovely to have our first ever whole Trust sports event, this is something we have wanted to do for a few years now.  We look forward to organising future whole trust events for our ALT schools to participate in.  We’d like to thank the Junior Sports Leaders for being such great role models and for leading the events. Thanks also to the staff from our schools for supporting the event.  Finally, a huge thank you to the Panathlon Charity for generously donating medals, the trophy and certificates.’

5 teams of children aged 7-11 from Active Learning Trust schools across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire took part in the event with the overall winners being Albert Pye Primary School. The students had a great time and were very proud of themselves.

Medals and trophies donated by Panathlon were presented by the Junior Sports Leaders and Mr Johnny Lee.

Lynsey Holzer, CEO of The Active Learning Trust said: ‘It was a pleasure to see our ALT pupils thoroughly enjoying themselves and taking part in physical activity!  A wonderful example of active learning led by active leaders!   Congratulations to all competitors and also to our Active Leaders from Red Oak Primary School who officiated the events so well.  Thank you to all the staff for their support and to Johnny Lee for providing this wonderful opportunity for our ALT pupils.’